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I have been planning that holiday for half a year now. Everyone is talking about Bali nowadays. Golden sand beaches, clear sky and nice people. But I wanted a little bit more than that, I wanted an experience that I have never had before and for that reason I chose the best duo escorts London has to offer. Yes I agree that a lot of people go to Bali for spiritual purposes but believe me, the experience I was planning was going to be more very spiritual. escorts london

You might be surprised but it has been proven that through sexuality you could reach deep level of personal understanding and transformation that meditation or yoga cannot really give you. I guess the reason for that is that unlike yoga and meditation, if you are doing transformation through intimacy you feel much more secure and connected to someone which in turn always acts as a way to make you fully relax and relinquish psychological defenses.

Namely because of that I decided to double the possible effects and asked my favourite girls Mia and Lora to accompany me during this exciting journey. They were really excited that they would be trying something like that and because they are also spiritually inclined my offer was accepted right away.

Escorts London can provide can be of various types but my personal preference has always been for humble friendly girls. There are two reasons for that, I am like that and I want to be with people like me and the second reason is that I want to be represented by people similar to me wherever I go.

So the day came and I took an Uber cab then we proceeded and collected Mia and then Lora and headed to London Heathrow Airport. I had managed to book high class tickets because this is what the best escorts in London deserve. We traveled with Emirates high class which offers a secluded space where you have your own privacy.

As you can expect we ordered the best champagne on board and some caviar and talked about different things – life, work and relationships. Three hours had passed and we got a little drunk. This created the perfect prerequisite for kinky times. Both Mia and Lora hopped over me and started kissing and cuddling. At some point the flight attendant came and saw us. Surprisingly for all of us she wasn’t shocked but she smiled and kind of enjoyed the view.

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Bali and London escorts

We arrived at Denpasar, the capital of Bali, in the morning. Everyone was super tired from the crazy night we had in the plane. We quickly hired a private driver and headed to a luxury villa I rented near Lovina Beach, a very popular destination.

Then we saw a nice bar by the water and decided to have some cocktails. Again we entered intimate conversations and shared love stories. After midnight another group of nice people joined us and we danced until 3am. Someone then gave the idea that the whole group would come to our villa and we didn’t wait a second. The rest I live to your imagination.