Human trafficking documentary shows 293 British children ‘forced into sex slave market

LONDON — A three-part documentary series sheds light on a global crime that stretches from Nigeria to Britain, showing the truth about trafficking in the sex slave industry.

The U.K.’s Channel 4 says it has discovered the number of children forced into sex slavery in Europe, Africa and Asia has reached as many as 293.

Among the victims is Laura Wilson, who was flown from Nigeria to Britain for the purposes of human trafficking. She was 13 when

A heartrending new documentary reveals how girls as young as 13 are being sold to pimps on Facebook and apps including Snapchat and Kik.

The alarming film ‘Journey’ explores how one 13-year-old girl was driven to a strip club after she was drugged, and given crack cocaine by a pimp.

It is the culmination of months of police and investigative work by the Salvation Army, which has discovered nearly 300 young British girls are victims of modern day slavery.

Debbie Upminer, chief executive of Streetlink, a national organisation that promotes community safety, said: ‘Despite a spate of negative press in recent years, sex trafficking in Greater Manchester remains a hidden crime that can take place in the quiet and out of the spotlight. ‘It is difficult to understand the gravity of what is happening in Greater Manchester when sex trafficking is so hidden, but it is truly the new face of modern slavery in the UK. ‘

Given that, we need to acknowledge the hidden